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OZCO Custom Plans currently offer two different types of projects:  Pergola or Pavilion.

When you have decided what type of project you want please tell us (and show us with photos) if this is adjoining a current project and/or if you have found an existing OZCO Project in our Project Library that you would like to use as a foundation.

Your choice between our two distinct lines, IRONWOOD or LAREDO SUNSET, OZCO's hardware is The Ultimate Statement of Style and Strength for every type of project.


During the initial planning of your project please keep in mind material availability and dimensional capacities of lumber.  Most Pavilions will require 6" (Actual 5½"x5½") Posts and a minimum 4" (Actual 3½"x3½") Posts can be used with a small to medium sized Pergola (12' x 12' or under).


Beam options vary from Single Beam Pergolas to Double Beam Pergolas.  Most Pavilions have a single beam but also vary - if you did not find a base project from OZCO's Project Library then please designate any additional details needed to complete your custom plans.

Or Begin Your Project Planning Here:

Video Custom Project Plans Pergola

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How to Order Custom Project Plans

Use the information and steps below as a guide and check list to get started on your Custom Plans


At OZCO our passion and love of manufacturing the highest quality building products for DIY'ers to Pro, while providing How-To’s with step by step instructions for all types of Outdoor Living Structures including a Bill of Materials that are easy to use. Our hardware is designed and manufactured with innovative building breakthroughs so anyone that uses our products will be proud of their work and ours.

We feel confident you will find the unique styling, ultimate strength and exceptional performance of our products takes your project from ordinary to #OWTstanding!​

Please Note:

We do not provide any engineering calculations that would be done by an engineering firm or architect.  All of the load specification for our hardware is available on our web site but making the calculations for structure is outside our arena of expertise. 


Rafter Tail Options are normally set at 45° but are able to be customized.


These sections are crucial in outlining any Pergola or Pavilion projects that may contain multiple levels, the sizes of Canopy/Roof and what size each section will use in regards to post diameters and lengths. 

Please be detailed and utilize the form to outline exactly what you are looking to build.


Knee Braces and Flush Inside 45° & OWT Timber Screws will be included in all Custom Plans, and we offer the option of using OWT Hex Cap Nuts,OWT Hammered Dome Nut, OWT Timber Bolts (see size chart online), OWT 2" Heavy Duty Washer.

The Optional OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties Hardware provides customized hardware that gives great projects the added touch of excellence.