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Custom Pergola Pavilion Plans

Being personally involved in the construction of the project, I found it very satisfying to see what our products can do for a “Fixer Upper”.  I love how the grand front entrance and wrap around porch looks with Ornamental Wood Ties.  The Truss Fan, Post Bases and Post to Beam connectors really stand out.  The Pergola on the back of the home is awesome.  First of all, it’s huge.  The big 8x8 cedar posts and multi-level design makes it very interesting.  The “floating” beams are a very unique design and a real conversation piece.  When you are under the structure, it’s hard to figure out how it is supported.  The lower sides with chunky 4x6 rafters for shade create the feeling of a separate area even though it is one open area.  Various width slats create a privacy screen on one end of the pergolas, that is both stylish and functional.

Everyone wants to know what it is like to be a part of this amazing experience — truly -- it was a pleasure!  The  integrity of Chip and Joanna was evident as they interacted with the on-site teams, helping everyone to focus on the goal in a productive oriented manner. 

The work ethic and thoughtful approach of both Joanna and Chip really is what made the project flow smoothly and without a hitch.  Working on my birthday, something most people are not excited about, turned into a great day! This was a birthday to remember with time spent building a dream project along side team members all of whom worked together for a truly appreciative family. Not only was the building project “a dream come true” but the effort of the Fixer Upper crew in producing a show that was both relevant and entertaining, was a study in the art of cooperation and coordination.

Chip’s knowledge of construction and installation techniques, coupled with his height (wink), were all that I expected and more—he is a high intensity individual that likes to get’er done.  He never misses an opportunity to pull out his hammer to persuade a piece of wood or hardware to conform to his expectations. Joanna brings to the table the style and grace that give design a unique and personal stamp evident in the final product.

The crew was a delight to work with and they were so willing to do what it took to make things right. In my estimation, they have developed a really great team that turns out one great television show!

Being a part of Fixer Upper, spending time with Chip and Joanna and watching a beautiful project come to life was a memory I will always cherish. I also learned a bit about how a great team works together, having fun, while providing a great product.  A birthday memory that I will never forget. 

Thank you,
Ian Hill


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How To Custom Patio Plans


Our CAD professionals are busy creating Custom Plans for clients that might want or need different dimensions, post sizes or multi-level structures. Whatever your needs you will get professional grade plans that will meet your needs!

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At Home - A Blog By Joanna Gaines

It is not every day that a nationally renowned television show discovers your business and its products, let alone allows you to be part of their broadcast. That is why I am so excited to tell you that OZCO products are used on the incredible hit show Fixer Upper, season 4, episode 4 which airs starting in January of 2017. The hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, known for their HGTV series and Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas found that our OZCO products fit their Style and Design standards perfectly. So, when a Plano couple decided to retire to Waco and wanted a wraparound porch and pergola, Joanna’s design vision, and Chip’s focus on structural integrity, lead to them to choose our heavy duty, decorative hardware for the project. OZCO’s Original Connector Hardware was a natural choice to create a grand entryway and pergola that added to the value and aesthetics of the home.

Pictures From Behind The Scenes

The Finished Fixer Upper Pergola

Are you a fan of Fixer Upper (#FixerUpper on @HGTV)?  Here at OZCO Building Products, we are huge fans and wanted to invite each of you to enjoy in the renovation and quality building theme that is represented by Chip & Joanna Gaines. Looking for inspiration for your Fixer Upper? Our collection of project pics is a great way to get ideas for yours!

How do I know what hardware to use on a Pergola?  

Building a Pergola that will last depends upon the HARDWARE and the lumber. Would you build a boat with untreated screws or bolts that will rust?  No, no one would.  So then why build your Outdoor Living Structures with connectors that will just let you down overtime?

Two Tier Pergola Fixer Upper Hardware

A Letter From Ian Hill, The OZCO Experience on Fixer Upper

Two Tier Pergola Fixer Upper Hardware
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Two Tier Pergola Fixer Upper Black Hardware

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I love The Eberle's Patio Pergola, Show Me Their Project Plans!

OZCO provides Custom Project Plans that meet all your unique property needs and helps you build a materials list that makes purchasing seamless!  Visit our custom plan page and use our step by step guide and checklist to get started on your Custom Plans Today!

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Can I Get Custom Plans From OZCO?

OZCO provides Custom Project Plans that meet all your unique property needs and helps you build a materials list that makes purchasing seamless! Visit our custom plan page and use our step by step guide and checklist to get started on your Custom Plans Today!

Retiring to the Country  SEASON 04 EPisode 04 - The Big Country House

With two grown kids out of the house, John and Stephanie Eberle agree it's time to downsize and look for the perfect place to relax as they enter retirement. Chip and Joanna take them on a tour of vastly different homes in hopes of satisfying some of their priorities that include a large kitchen, a nice living space and a location that's near amenities while in a quiet neighborhood. They narrow their search to two homes with excellent views in peaceful surroundings but will one home's need of major renovations influence their decision?

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