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If you want a material list - just click on the link above or sign up for the full project plans - let OZCO help you plan your Pergola project!

Where do I go for Custom Pergola Plans?

OZCO provides Custom Pergola Plans that meet all your unique property needs and helps you build a materials list that makes purchasing seamless!  Visit our custom plan page and use our step by step guide and check list to get started on your Custom Plans Today!

Check out our OWT Timber Bolts, WAP OZ Fencing Products and more to complete all your projects around your home and garden!


Our customers and builders are submitting new and exciting photos to us everyday.  Check out all the exciting Pergola projects being built in the United States, Canada and across the world! 


Here is the latest Building Breakthrough Video featuring our New Custom Plan Order Form on  Learn how to get a customized 2 Layer Pergola Plan using OZCO's Ornamental Wood Ties, OWT, line of products just in time for the Summer Season.  These Pergola's can be put on existing patios, decks and lawns making your backyard the envy of the neighborhood!

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You have your plans done, check!  You are ready for the next step: finding the right professional to install your Pergola and use OZCO's OWT line of products to make sure it is done right.  Check out our Professional Locator to help you!

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Our CAD professionals are busy creating Custom Pergola Plans for clients that might want or need different dimensions, post sizes or multi-level structures. Whatever your needs you will get professional grade plans that will meet your needs!

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How do I find an OZCO Approved Pro-Installer?

Find a Pro-Installer that is not only knowledeable about building Pergolas but one that gets it done right with OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties!

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OZCO has invented and patented a full line of building products that are revolutionizing the way a Pergola should be built!

Check out our full line of Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT).

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How do I get Pergola Plans for FREE?

In need of project plans? OZCO is always updating our library of FREE how to project plans from material lists to details instructions.

Where do I go for Pergola Photos?

Looking for inspiration for your Pergola? Our vast collection of Pergola project pics submitted by our customers offer great ideas for yours!

Check Out Our Online Catalog​

Project Plans - Free Bill of Materials or Sign Up for Complete Plans

How do I know what hardware to use on a Pergola?  

Building a Pergola that will last depends upon the HARDWARE and the lumber. Would you build a boat with untreated screws or bolts that will rust?  No, no one would.  So then why build your Outdoor Living Structures with connectors that will just let you down overtime?